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Sometimes multiple permanent teeth can emerge from the gums with extremely tight spacing. This overcrowding problem can increase your child’s chances of suffering from chips, dental fractures, and dental attrition on multiple teeth.

These conditions can often be corrected by having Dr. Peggy Lovecchio install orthodontic braces into your son or daughter’s mouth. With routine adjustments, they can bring your son or daughter’s teeth into the proper alignment.

If there is one specific area where they teeth are significantly overcrowded, or one tooth is at a severe angle, Dr. Peggy Lovecchio might recommend extracting a tooth. This can create a small void that provides sufficient space for the other teeth to gradually move into.

After the extraction Dr. Peggy Lovecchio might prescribe pain management or anti-inflammatory medications to help them remain comfortable while the underlying periodontal tissues heal.

You shouldn’t be alarmed if the incision site bleeds a little for day or two after the extraction. They can control the bleeding by lightly biting down on a piece of sterile gauze. Once the bleeding stops they can gently clear away any blood with a gently rinse of lukewarm saltwater.

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