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An orthodontic treatment is a great way to achieve the smile of your dreams. However, you can either make the treatment simple or you can make it difficult. To make it simple, you need to follow Dr. Peggy Lovecchio’s instructions. One of those instructions is to eat an appliance-friendly diet. To help you understand what goes into this kind of diet, our orthodontic team is happy to share some details.

The first thing we recommend is to avoid eating hard and sticky foods. These foods can add pressure to your appliance and peel the brackets off your teeth. Also, the sticky foods can cling to the teeth and promote cavities. The foods we recommend avoiding include caramel, gummy bears, pizza crust, nuts, popcorn, Skittles, Starbursts, toffee, corn chips, ice cubes, and other hard and sticky foods.

The second thing we recommend is to keep chewing simple. We encourage cutting larger and hard-to-bite foods into small pieces. Then, pop the pieces into your mouth and chew them with your back teeth. This helps you avoid damage that results from biting into hard foods. Some examples of the foods you should cut up include corn on the cob, pizza, chicken wings, apples, carrots, spare ribs, and pears.

For more information, tips, and details about a good diet while you wear your braces please, call Love Family Dentistry in Roanoke, Virginia, at 540-904-2300 . The sooner you call our office, the sooner our team can give you the information you need to have a simple and easy orthodontic journey. We look forward to helping you!