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It may seem like something out of a page from a science fiction novel, but the dental industry is more and more employing laser technology to improve the oral health of patients. Lasers have slowly become a mainstay in dentistry since 1994 when they were first introduced. However, while lasers have yet to be approved by the FDA they have proven to work effectively and safely for a variety of procedures.

Lasers are probably the best treatments available to prepare teeth for future services such as root canals and dental fillings. With a root canal, a laser can be used to burn away excess tissue and bacteria around the tooth scheduled for the treatment. If a tooth has a cavity, a laser can go in and zap away the decay and prepare the tooth for a dental filling to be effectively placed.

Lasers are also very popular with teeth whitening treatments. If you need your teeth professionally whitened at the dental office, a gel can be applied to your teeth and activated with a laser. These gels can then penetrate teeth and safely remove deep stains and discolorations. Alternatively, lasers can be used simply to improve the quality of your gum tissue by removing painful canker sores and lesions.

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