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Do you want your baby to have a top-notch smile and oral health? Well, so do our dentists, Dr. Peggy Lovecchio and Dr. Benjamin Burkitt. This is why they strongly encourage you to clean and care for your baby’s teeth and gums regularly. Smile care should be a top priority. There are many dental problems that could affect your child’s smile and alter their oral health. It’s best to avoid those problems as much as possible. Those problems are:

-Baby bottle tooth decay: This dental problem occurs when your child’s teeth are exposed to sugary or high-carbohydrate liquids for a long period of time. It oftentimes happens when you send your child to bed with a bottle of milk. This can cause severe tooth decay in the smile. So, please avoid sending your child to bed with a bottle.

-Tooth misalignment: Sucking the thumb, using a pacifier and other oral fixation habits can cause tooth misalignment, which can be dangerous for the smile and oral health. So, it’s best to help your child avoid these habits as much as possible. For tips on how to do so, please ask our dentist.

-Oral injuries: Kids are very active and daring, which means they likely have a lot of accidents. Sometimes those accidents affect the mouth and cause oral injury. If possible, baby-proof the house and eliminate anything they can bump their mouth on. Or you can even use a mouthguard to help protect their teeth.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about how to avoid oral health concerns for babies in Roanoke, Virginia, please reach out to Love Family Dentistry when you have the chance. All you need to do is dial 540-904-2300 and our dental team will be more than happy to help you!