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If you have ever had a toothache, you know they can be a royal pain. Treating it appropriately at home can help you temporarily relieve that pain until you are able to get professional attention. Here at Love Family Dentistry in Roanoke, Virginia, our team is delighted to talk to you about toothaches and how to treat them.

When you have a toothache, the first thing to do is set up an appointment to visit your dentist, Dr. Peggy Lovecchio as soon as possible. Toothaches have many causes and some of them can be rather serious. It’s important to get it properly diagnosed and treated before further damage or problems can occur.

After you’ve set up an appointment, rinse your mouth with salt water. If the cause of your toothache is that any seeds or other small debris is caught in your gums or between your teeth, salt water will help to remove it. You can also try flossing between each one of your enamel.

Perhaps the strategy that will bring the most relief is to press a cool compress on your cheek near the toothache. This can help dull the pain to help you get through your day. You can also use an over-the-counter medicine like aspirin or ibuprofen to help with swelling and pain.

If you have a painful toothache or you are ready for a dental checkup, please call us today at 540-904-2300 to make an appointment. Our dedicated and professional staff is happy to help ease your pain and keeping your smile healthy.