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Are you an adult who wishes to align your smile but you think orthodontics is just for kids? If so, that is not true! More and more adults today are choosing to align their teeth and achieve the smiles of their dreams. There are many reasons why you should too! Those reasons are:

You deserve your perfect smile: Having crooked and uneven teeth can make you dislike your appearance. In fact, it can affect your self-esteem so much that you might feel self-conscious about smiling, talking, and even laughing. If you align your teeth, you can have the smile of your dreams that can give you the confidence you deserve.

Teeth move even as you get older: Even if you grew up with a straight and aligned smile, your teeth can still move as you age, even if you take good care of them. This is why it’s best to align your smile with orthodontic treatment. If you do so, there is a high chance you’ll have an aligned smile for a lifetime.

Misaligned teeth can cause dental issues: Crooked teeth can harm your oral health more than you know. Because they are uneven, they can be tough to clean. This usually results in bacteria and plaque remaining trapped on or between your teeth, which can promote tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, a misaligned bite can also cause unnatural pressure on your teeth, which can result in chips and fractures.

There are many different types of orthodontic treatment: If you’re not sure you want to align your teeth with metal braces, you luckily have options. There are less-noticeable appliances that can straighten your teeth, like ceramic braces, Damon braces, and clear aligners.

Now that you know the benefits of aligning your smile as an adult, it’s time to call Love Family Dentistry and schedule an appointment with Dr. Peggy Lovecchio. The sooner you’ll call our office, the sooner you’ll begin your orthodontic journey in Roanoke, Virginia. We look forward to working with you!