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When you’re running out of the house late in the morning – and let’s be honest, who isn’t – occasionally all you can grab is a package of yogurt. Well here’s some great news! Yogurt is a tooth-friendly food! Find out why in this post, and phone us for a checkup if you have any questions.

Two of the most-prevalent substances in yogurt are calcium and proteins. Calcium and protein can support your teeth by supporting the enamel layers that are the teeth’s exterior defense. Additionally, yogurts contain helpful probiotics. Probiotics, also defined as beneficial bacteria, are helpful in the mouth because they might edge out negative bacterial acids that weaken the mouth. Yogurt has so many benefits for the mouth, and it’s tasty too!

While we generally approve of yogurt, we should note that not all yogurts are produced equally. Specifically, skip yogurts with lots of sugar or added sugar; this might outweigh a few of the useful effects that yogurt can have. If you do purchase yogurt, think about purchasing a kind that comes with lower quantities of sugar, like Greek yogurt or plain yogurt.

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